Monday, March 23, 2009

House Update

Our house is finally starting to take shape. Most of the framing is done and yesterday when we drove by they were putting the windows in Yeah!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you put a Dog on Restriction?

Don' t be fooled by the adorable smile. This morning when Keith left for seminary Jada had to go to the bathroom. So I told him to put her out back and I would let her in when I got up a half an hour later. Well I got up and showered and went to get Jada. When I opened the back door she was not there. So I quietly called her name. (I didn't want to wake Shelly up who was sleeping on the couch). Anyways she didn't come. I figured that she must be at the side of the house and couldn't hear me. So I went upstairs to finish getting ready. I noticed that there was a voicemail on my Cell from a number I didn't recognize. Bare in mind that it is 6am at this point. The lady on the voicemail said that she was at the park about a mile away from the house and that Jada was running around the park by her self. Apparently one of the kids (Don't forget I am currently living at my sisters house for the next couple of weeks) left the side gate open and Jada had decided to go for a morning run. How she got to the park I still don't know. I have never taken her there before in her life. My only guess is that she followed someone there. So anyways long story short at 6am this morning I was running around town with wet hair trying to locate my lost dog. She is so on my NOT NICE list today!