Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner with the Trost's

My sister Whitnie and her family came over on Saturday night. It was a last minute decision so we ordered a bunch of burgers from Carls Jr. The picture above is what my Kitchen looked like after dinner.
Chris was funny. He thought that Jada made a perfect bench. She is so patient. She just laid there and let him crawl all over her.

Shelly decided to stay the night and go to church with us in the morning. So we let Jada sleep on the guest bedroom bed with Shelly that night. She loved it we never let her sleep on the bed. The only problem now is that she thinks Shelly is her best friend. She kept laying on top of Shelly when we were watching a movie and followed her around all morning. I only hope we can keep Jada off of the guest bed now. I may have created a monster.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!

The dogs absolutely love going for a swim whenever we go to the Klinger's

Grampa giving the grandkids rides on the ATV - the kids love this!

Keith's Dad opening some of his birthday gifts - Mike turns 58 this year!
The Klinger's hanging out teaching wiffle ball to the grandkids
JR (Keith's brother) teaching Corinne the mechanics of a good swing!
Keith teaching Calem how real (left-handed) hitters swing the bat

Linz hangin with Keith's parents. I'm sure the conversation was interesting?! Notice Cody (dog) bearing his teeth for the camera

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kitchen Facelift

So We decided to give our kitchen a little face lift. We put Granite Tile on our counter tops and had the cabinets resurfaced in maple and bought new Cabinet doors. Below are the before and after pictures.



Sunday, April 6, 2008

We have been having the weirdest weather lately. All in one day it rained, Hailed, snowed, and then was sunny. And this went on for a couple of days. It just could not decide what it wanted to do. It never snows this late in the year. We usually get a lot of rain but the snow and ice usually stop around January or February.

Easter in Boise!!!
So I recently found out that my Grandma Udy is terminally ill with cancer. She just moved from Salt Lake City to Boise to move in with my parents. So at the last minute I decided to make the 6 hour drive up to Boise to help my grandma move in and to spend a little alone time with her. I could only take a little time off of work so I drove up Thursday afternoon and drove home on Sunday(Easter day). I really enjoyed spending some time with my grandma. I don't get her all to myself very often and after learning that her days are numbered I really wanted to see her again. I tried to get a picture with her but she would not let me take one. She said she was not very photogenic. =) It was also nice to have my parents to myself that does not happen all the time. Molly and her little girl Ashlyn (pictured above) drove up on Saturday to visit as well. That little girl is adorable. I thought about sticking her in my car and keeping her as my own. But the thought of Jail time didn't seem quite so appealing. As a bonus one of my best friends from High School Kim was in Boise visiting family that weekend as well. We were able to meet up for a little bit and catch up. It was great to see her. I am so glad I made the decision to go. It is a trip I will always remember.