Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hatch Family Reunion

We had our 1st annual Hatch family reunion this year. We rented a house up in Zion's canyon for a week. We had a blast. Below are a few pictures. We did a ton of things but I was to busy relaxing and forgot to take a lot of pictures. So here is what I did take.
I bought a package of 700 water balloons. Who would have thought that would not last us the whole vacation. I think the husbands had more fun that the little kids. But that might be because the husbands were hogging the balloon launchers.
Sadie was digging the noddles but who wouldn't.
Ashlyn loved the big kids. She followed the boys around all week. Luckily they didn't mind. She is such a tom boy. Molly and Mark you are going to have your hands full.

They had a really nice swimming pool at this resort. We spent most of our days soaking up the sun.

ok I hate this picture of me. But Evie and I were twins this day so we had to have our picture taken.

So one day we sent all of the boys off to go shooting for the day. Some how this picture came back on my camera. I was a little concerned. That is a lot of White bellies. Anyways we had a wonderful week. We had I believe 36 people staying in one house. And we all still loved each other by the end. Amazing. We did miss Cooper who is on his mission in Texas and Molly's husband Mark who was starting a new job. Hopefully they can make it next time.