Monday, June 16, 2008

My Little Helper

So I am teaching the Laurels in our ward how to decorate cakes this week. Which means I have about 6 batches of Icing to make. So I decided to get a head start on it tonight. As many of you know if you are not careful when you put the powdered sugar in the mixer powdered sugar will go all over the place. Well I thought I was being careful, but just as I turned the mixer on Jada walked right under me. Below is a picture of what she looked like. It is hard to see because she is yellow but she is covered in powdered sugar. As you can tell she had no clue. Can you imagine her surprise when Brody kept trying to lick her face.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! As I sit here thinking about you today. I started to realize how many wonderful things you have done for me over the years. I am truley lucky to have such a wonderful mother. I love you. Below are some of my favorite things about you.

1. I love that you stay up all night trying to solve all of our problems.
2. I love that you take such good care of your mother.
3. I love that you get mad at me if I don't call you at least once a week.
4. I love that you put your family first before anything
5. I love that you love the gospel
6. I love that you support me in everything that I do
7. I love that you are not only my mother but also my friend
8. I love that you enjoy riding your ATV(I would never had guessed that you would own and ride an ATV)
9. I love that every vacation you take is to visit your Family. You are the glue that holds this family together.
10. Last but certainly not least I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Impromtu Beach Trip

Our good friends the Hills called us on Friday afternoon and asked if we wanted to go to the coast for the weekend with them. It was a tough decision stay home and clean my house or go to the coast. Naturally we decided to go to the coast. Below are some pictures of our weekend. Aww how romantic (don't mind the crazy beach hair!)
Mary Leigh was helping the boys play catch.

Breakfast at Pig N Pancake. Can't go to the beach with out going to Pig N Pancake.

Mary Leigh loved the Hot Cocoa although I think there are easier ways to drink it.
Porter was great at keeping the fire going. I think they may have a Pyro on thier Hands.
So we had the Missionaries that are staying at our house feed the dogs. judging by the below pictures of our bed can you guess where the dogs slept. When the cat is away the mouse will play.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Projects.

Keith had a busy day on Saturday. He spent the day doing all the maintenance on the cars. Don't ask me what that all entails all I know is it took him all day. He is so handy. It is so nice having a husband that knows all about cars. I always feel like I get taken when ever I would take my cars in to get fixed or worked on. Now Keith can do most of it and if he can not he already knows what needs to be done and can make sure the mechanics are doing it right. So anyways I decided to take on a project of my own. I have been wanting a rocking chair for my front porch. I saw that Walmart had some in there garden department for $80 but then the other day I saw that Michaels had a do it your self kit for only $40. It came with all the nails and screws and you just put the thing together yourself. So I thought I would save my self a little money and put the rocking chair together myself. It always seems like a great Idea when it is still in the box. Well after an hour a few colorful words and a little sweat I managed to get the chair together. Keith is borrowing a Paint sprayer this week to paint some new moldings for our room so I think he is going to paint the rocker at the same time. Don't tell him but I think I might need a second rocker so that we can both sit on the front porch at the same time. Maybe he won't notice if I just sneak it in =)