Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keith 4 Wheelin with his cousins

Below are some pictures of Keith 4 Wheelin with his cousin Jeremy. He went with some of his other cousin's too. But so far all I have are pictures of Keith and Jeremy. I don't have pictures of any of the other Jeep's but Keith's.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Klinger Family Reunion

This weekend was the 1st annual Klinger Family Reunion. The weekend started with Keith and some of his cousins going 4 wheelin on Friday. I unfortunately could not get work off that day so I could not go. Keith's cousin Jamie took all of the pictures that day. She said she would email them to me. So I will post those when I get them. Then on Saturday we had a big BBQ and family gathering at Keith's Uncle Jim's house. Thank's Jim and Debbie I think we all had a wonderful time. I Signed up to bring cupcakes and a pasta salad. I got a little over Zealous and made 40 cupcakes. In case you are wondering what 40 cupcakes and a large pasta salad look like I took a picture.
Mike (Keith's Dad) and his band performed for us. They did a wonderful job and sounded great. I would hire them. Mike is the one in the blue T-shirt playing the key board.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

California Vacation

I figured that since I have been back from California for almost 2 weeks that it was time to post some pictures. We had an action packed week. I went up a couple of days before Keith so that I could have some sister time with some of my sisters. It was a lot of shopping and laying by the pool. I loved it. We decided that we would go to the mall and between Stacey and Molly we were taking 4 kids. So we showed up about a half an hour before the mall opened and let the kids run through the water fountain first. This worked out great because then they were cool the rest of the trip and were really good so that we could get some good shopping in. Below are a few pictures.Roxy(Josh's Wife) Came over on my first day and brought all of their kids over to swim. I finally got to see their cute little baby Gunner. He was just the tiniest thing ever. I am sorry I don't have any pictures my batteries were dead in my camera that day. Thanks Roxy for driving out. I had so much fun visiting with you and playing with all of the kids. I hardly ever get to see you guys. I miss you! I'm sorry Josh that we didn't get to see you. I guess we will just have to plan another trip.

Once Keith got in to town we rented a car and hit a few of the tourist sites. I was imagining we would rent some gas efficient vehicle but Keith had something else in mind.
Our first stop was Sea World. Stacey and Adam came with us and Molly and Ashilyn came as well (Mark had to work). It was so fun to watch the kids excitement over all of the animals.
Next stop was the Beach. Molly had to drive back to Arizona so she was not able to join us. But you can't visit California and not visit the beach. We have Beaches in Washington but they are just not the same.Our last adventure was Hollywood. We went to Rodeo Drive and drove around and looked at all of the ridiculously huge homes. And watched all of the weird people on the streets. We tried looking for famous people but did not find any. Oh well there is always next time.
We had a great vacation. I think we wore Stacey and her family out. But they were good sports. Now I have to find something exciting for them to do when they come and visit us. Washington does not have as many fun spots for visitors.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Keith and I decided that we were going to go up to his parents house for the 4th. We took our dogs Brody and Jada with us and with his parents three dogs we had a total of 5 dogs at his parents house. A little crazy but they loved it. Keith's dad Smoked ribs for dinner they were delicious. Then we went and watched the fire work show in the Columbia Gorge it was amazing. We decided that we were going to stay the night at Keith's parents house since it was going to be a late night and we did not want to make the hour journey home. Anyways the stairs that lead up to the guest bedrooms at his parents house are basically logs that are cut in half. The back of the stair are open in the back to the ground below. Ok I know I talk about Jada a lot on my blog. It is not that I don't love Brody but Jada is just the funniest dog. Anyways she was terrified of the stairs (Bare in mind that we have stairs in our house that she goes up and down 20 times a day). We tried to coax her up the stairs for about 45 minutes. We tried everything. We tried to bribe her with food. Which is usually a good bargaining tool for her as you can tell from her girth she does not suffer in the food department. Anyways nothing would work and Keith and I were really tired and wanted to go to bed. So after 45 minutes of failure Keith finally had to carry her up the stairs. Below is a picture I had to take because it was so funny looking to see Keith carrying this 90 pound dog up the stairs. Notice Connor (Keiths parents dog) in the picture trying to show Jada how it is done. If that was not enough, the next morning we could not get her to go down the stairs and Keith had to pick her up and carry her down stairs. It was quite a site to see.